Friday, June 4, 2010

Defeating Depression & Insomnia

First of all I would like to thank Sherris Byers and the Views and Voices staff for printing my story a year ago.

Since my story was published a year ago, I have met so many wonderful people, who have thanked me for writing my story. I have met other people who are struggling with depression, insomnia, and the drugs.

Depression is growing and affecting more people; and, in some cases, it’s leading to suicide, i.e. Marie Osmond’s son and Star Trek Walter Koenig's son.

I have been able to share my story via interviews on the radio and TV, including:

* TV Interview with Denny/Marge Hazen Christian Plus or Minus 60 TV show (Canton, Ohio)
* Radio interviews with Pastor Lorenzo Maddox of the Peaceful Minds Ministry (Baltimore, MD).
* Radio interview with the Praise Prayer Line Ministry (Albion, Michigan.)

I have also been asked to share my testimony at various churches throughout the Shenango Valley and Ohio areas.

Recently I have been asked by the Christian Hangout group (on Facebook) to become a part of their team as an administrator to help build the network and reach people.

During my free time, I have begun to do more research about depression, insomnia, and prescription drugs. Some of the topics that I’m working on include:

* The 7 Mistakes that People with Depression Make
* The Key Foods to Eat and Avoid to Fight Depression
* The Key Supplements for Fighting Depression
* The Key Foods to Eat and Avoid to Fight Insomnia
* The Key Supplements for Fighting Insomnia
* The Health Problems and Side Effects Associated with the Drugs

Because of all the feedback and questions that I received during this past year, I realized that I needed to become more accessible and provide a platform for people to reach me, and for me to reach more people. So, with the help of my brother (DeWayne, author of “Death to Diabetes”), I set up a website, a blog, and an email account.

When I complete my research, I will provide information about the above topics on my website and my blog. And, God willing, if there is enough interest, I will consider becoming an author like my brother, and write a book about the keys to defeating depression, i.e. nutrition, exercise, spiritual health, and support.

With the continued support of the community, I hope that I will be able to help more people during my new journey.

If you have any questions about depression or would like me to speak at an upcoming event, please contact me via email or my website.

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